I work from my home office, as many of us do these days, and it’s a great arrangement until the power goes out! I live on one of those suburban streets lined with big old trees and overhead power lines and a recent heavy windstorm took down the tree that took down the power line that took down the power to my house. 

No heat, no internet, no nothing.

Got the generator up and running, limp along, manage until the power comes on again, clean out various messes that erupted, get back to normal when BOOM! a pipe burst! 

Flooded lower level where the office is, huge mess, carpet soaked – YUK! 

I feel like I’ve spent the last two weeks completely enmeshed in these breakdowns. Two weeks is long enough that the threads of the various ideas I’ve had — those clear paths defining my workflow — have been completely erased. 

I can’t remember a thing! I can’t reconstruct what my thoughts were because my full attention has been diverted to restoring the necessities. 

And in a moment of stunned silence I realise what a great opportunity this has been. An opportunity to look at everything with fresh eyes. An opportunity to leave all the old ideas behind and rest afresh in the moment. 

Ahhhh the opportunism of the entrepreneur! That’s Work That Satisfies!