Diversity and Inclusion

Every successful company makes Diversity a priority but this becomes complicated because there are so many different subgroups.  Our work focuses on the one group that represents all others – the community of people with disabilities.

  • Customer Service Training uses principles of the Human Potential movement to familiarize staff with how disability may lie at the root of communications and other customer service challenges.  Our programs offer empowering tools and techniques to maximize success among all customers: lunch & learn, half day or full day programs. 
  • Hiring Strategies and Employee Care Programs teach HR and Management Staff a new level of awareness about the impact of disability inclusion within the organization. Physical, cognitive and mental health disabilities exist through the workplace, often unrecognized. Customized programs are designed to complement existing initiatives.
  • Communications Review to make all written, verbal and digital communication broadly accessible using the principles of Universal Design.  Digital accessibility makes your website and other digital vehicles available to people with auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech and visual disabilities.  This work also helps people without disabilities such as people using smartphones, smartwatches, people with situational limitations and even people with slow internet connections!