Leaky Bucket Syndrome – The EPIDEMIC

The leaky bucket represents the energy of your life. Just like water leaks out of a bucket, your energy leaks out of your life because of unskillful habits. We all have them. Mindless overwork. Inadequate attention to self-care. Physical stress…and more.

If money was plentiful – which it’s not for most of us – we could just do a nice restoring vacation to regain our energy.

If time was plentiful – which it’s certainly not – we could work with a good therapist in order to unravel some of our personal vulnerabilities.

But for most of us, we just muddle through the day doing the best we can.

According to Forbes Magazine, the #1 cause of absenteeism in the American Workplace is depression. And depression is an inevitable outcome of unchecked Leaky Bucket Syndrome.

Since most of us cannot plug all the leaks at once through time consuming and expensive treatments, I have created this course to provide some relief. The course identifies and provides “plugs” for some of our personal and most egregious leaks.

My commitment is to give you, my readers, affordable and time-efficient tools for your toolbox. Tools that are easy to implement. Tools that are designed to provide YOU with DIRECT EXPERIENCE of some improvement.

Nothing I can offer you will be a magic bullet. But if you follow along and give me your undivided attention FOR JUST A FEW MINUTES, I promise you will discover something useful for yourself. Something you can implement right away to make a difference.

If you’ve already started the course write how it’s going for you. If you’ve completed the course, write what you learned about yourself. And if you haven’t started the course, consider starting today!