The Money Conversation

I’ve been thinking a lot about money lately. No, not worrying about money, particularly. Really thinking about money.

For most of us money thoughts occur multiple times each and every day. Should we downsize? Should we buy a boat? Should I splurge almost five bucks for a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato?

I have been amazed at how little has actually been written about money in the larger sense – what money means.

When I was a kid in Brooklyn my father, a moving man (furniture moving, that is) used to regularly hand me dollar bills to take myself and some of my girlfriends over to the ice cream store where we could sit on those leather-covered stools and eat sundaes.

I suspect that’s where I got the reputation of being a rich kid. And funny enough I’ve always felt like a rich kid and even went on to make money like a rich kid.

Those dollar bills my Daddy handed me made money mean something. It meant my Daddy always had dollar bills to hand me (it seemed like he always did but the “truth” was far different – I learned how he sometimes struggled to pay the rent).

Those dollar bills meant I knew from an early age what it felt like to have money, extra enough, to treat my friends.

And there was something relaxed about those dollar bills. He didn’t grudgingly peel them off a big roll, showing off. He behaved like it was nothing more than a small, even trivial gesture for the kids. Didn’t mean much.


Could you take a moment to land on a memory about money and untangle its meaning for yourself?

Who cares if it’s “real”.

I think if we all could begin to create some space around the meaning(s) of money in our lives, we just might unclench a bit about the money conversation.

I’d love to hear your thoughts…..